Security and Health

Personal Safety

Seville is a safe place to stay.
However, keep in mind your situation of being a visitor. You are a potential target of pickpockets and bag-snatchers. The situation is comparable to central European cities, better than for example Italy. Also take into consideration that, due to its medieval structure, many streets in Seville are very narrow and dark at night.

· walking alone late at night (after midnight)
· carrying your wallet in a trouser pocket
· showing unfolded city-maps
· leaving things visible in a car
· hanging your handbag over a chair

Be careful:
· with cameras and bags
· on arrival to Seville by public transport (bus or train station)

Seville's most problematic spot is the area between calle Feria and the Alameda de Hercules in Macarena quarter. Street prostitution and public drug consumption is now much less of a problem. The Alameda itself is a preferred location to go out at night for young people.

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Three police forces exist in Spain:

Policia Local
Responsible for traffic inside the cities and minor crime. Call them in case of an accident or if your car has been towed. Tel: 092.

Policia Nacional
Responsible for major crime. Tel (emergency): 091.

Guardia Civil
Mainly responsible for the countryside. Call in case of a traffic accident outside the city. Tel: 062.

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Medical Treatment

Pharmacies (farmacias) are marked with a green cross.
(PDF Format) Pharmacies with 24h service duty (farmacia de guardia)
After arrival in Seville: Information through 010 service telephone, local newspaper or information sheet at the entrance of any pharmacy about the closest open pharmacy.

In case you need a doctor (médico), go to the emergency reception (urgencias) of any hospital. This public service is cheap and works 24h a day. Alternatively visit a private doctor.

The two major hospitals in Seville are
· Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio | Tel: 954 248 181
· Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena | Tel: 954 557 400

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Emergency Calls

Police: 091
Ambulance: 061

For your information: The above standing emergency call numbers are just 091 National Police (Policía Nacional) and 061 National Health Institute (Instituto Nacional de la Salud INSALUD). All the different police forces and several health organizations provide an emergency telephone number of their own. We do not mention them to avoid confusion.

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