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About us

The People

We believe you should always know the people behind the company, especially when making a reservation online. As a team – Markus, Jeff, Sarai, Joao and Marie - we have many years of experience working, living and studying in Sevilla. We look forward to meeting you in person in Sevilla, but for now you can learn a little more about who we are below.

Markus Christmann

Jeff Spielvogel

Joao Garrett
The founder of sevilla5.com, Markus officially launched the web site in 2000. He was first in Seville in 1991 and during the 1992 Expo (World Exposition) as an exchange student. Markus came back regularly every year, like so many others who have once visited Seville and just can’t stay away. Later, he worked at Mercedes-Benz for 5 years in Germany and Switzerland, where he did marketing and market-research for the smart car. Markus has decided to make Seville his permanent home in 1999.

Markus is responsible for apartment reservations at sevilla5.com.

Email: markus@sevilla5.com
Tel: +34 954 387 550
An expert foreigner on Sevilla, Jeff works for sevilla5.com, as well as writes about living, travel and tourism for his other page, exploreseville.com. Jeff has extensive knowledge of the hotels, hostals, restaurants, neighborhoods and monuments in Seville. He manages several content web sites and has many years of experience with e-commerce web sites and online customer service.

Jeff is responsible for the hotel reservations at sevilla5.com.

Email: jeff@sevilla5.com
Tel: +34 955 283 911
Joao has been working for sevilla5.com since July 2004. He has studied Social-Education and before arriving in Seville he was working for the youth welfare department in the city administration of Lisbon, Portugal. After a 3 month stay, living and learning Spanish in Barcelona, Joao decided to move to Seville in March 2004.

At sevilla5.com, Joao is responsible for photos.

Tel: +34 954 324 984

Our Office

Window front to calle Feria Reception desk Internet PCs for our guests On the sofa in the front room

We are based in Seville with an office in the city center in calle Feria, and we welcome visitors! We have free WiFi internet access as well as computers so you can check your email, upload your photos or just surf the web. From time to time we also have special events, such as a free walking tour of Seville which begins in the office. Most importantly we’re always around to answer any questions or help with advice about city: the best places to eat, transportation, tips about the city and more. We look forward to seeing you in Seville!

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