Telephone Country Code of Spain: 34
Regular land line numbers to the City of Seville generally start with: (++34) 954 XXX XXX

Toll Free within Spain: 900 XXX XXX
Be careful with other 90X numbers, which can be very expensive.

Mobile telephone numbers: 6XX XXX XXX

The telephone system in Spain is still dominated by the formerly state-owned  Telefonica. The mobile telephone market is much more competitive than the land line market. Prices for land lines can be more expensive relative to the U.S. and other European countries.

Public Telephones
Seville is very well provided with street pay phones and they are are easy to use for both international and domestic calls. The phones accept coins and/or telephone cards (tarjetas telefónicas). Phone cards can be purchased at tobacco stands (estancos) and newsstands.
For international calls several companies offer prepaid cards.
We recommend telephone cards over coins.

Private Land Line Telephone
Installation or activation of a private telephone land line through Telefonica costs around 70 Euros. Look for special offers when connection may be offered for free. There are now several companies (Ono, Orange, Jazztel are a few) which also offer land lines, as well as internet and television services.

Mobile Phones
Spain uses GSM 900/1800 mobile phones (teléfono movil) which is compatible with the rest of Europe, but not with most phones in North America and Japan. Beware of calls being routed internationally (very expensive). You can buy a mobile phone with debit card starting at around 50 Euros in any store of  Movistar,  Vodafone or  Orange.
Or bring your phone with you and just buy a Spanish SIM-card for about 12 Euros, which normally come with about 9 Euros in calls (current price at Vodafone).

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Spain's still state-owned post has a poor reputation for being very slow and inefficient, especially over national holidays like Christmas/New Year, when standard letters can take longer than 3 weeks.
· Central Post Office | Avda. de la Constitución, 32 | Tel: (+34) 95 421 95 85

CORREOS | toll-free information Tel: 902 197 197.

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Internet Cafes

There are many internet cafes in Sevile. Prices range between 1 - 2 Euros/hour. Helpful is having a web-based e-mail account (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo) before your trip.

· Internetia | Avda. Menendez Pelayo, 43-45 (between Puerta Carmona and Puerta de la Carne)
· Sevilla Internet Center | c/ Almirantazgo (second floor just in front of the Cathedral)
· Starbucks | several locations in the center offer WiFi.

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Print and TV

All newspapers with national coverage (El País, ABC, El Mundo etc.) have a regional edition for Andalusia.
The papers Diario de Sevilla, Correo de Andalucía and Diario de Andalucia cover local issues and cultural events.
El Giraldillo is a local events listings magazine with monthly issues.

Local TV:
· Canal Sur
· Canal Sur 2
· Canal 47
· Giralda TV
· Tele Sevilla
· Onda Giralda
· Localia
· Sevilla Televisión

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