Booking a hotel room in Seville

Weve developed some general guidelines and advice to help you when booking a hotel room in Seville. Below are some things you should take into consideration before you decide to book.

Where is the hotel or hostal LOCATED?
Try to find a hotel or hostal within walking distance to the location where you would like to visit. Seville is small enough to walk to most of the monuments. If you want to explore more of Seville consider hotels or hostals which are close to the major bus lines, especially Plaza Duque, Plaza Encarnación and Plaza Nueva. In our description we mention the walking distances to the important tourist monuments and other places of interest close by. We also provide photos of the areas surrounding the hotel and hostal in the "Surroundings" section, so you can see what the neighborhood is like.

What is the hotel or hostal REALLY like?
Recent photos are perhaps the most important when you are booking a room in a hotel or hostal online. This is the only way to visualize where you will be staying during your time in Seville. Accurate and detailed descriptions of the rooms, building and areas around the hotel or hostal are also very important. We try to present the hotels and hostals as they are in real life. We offer many photos of the building, rooms and surroundings so you can see more of the hotel when making a decision. Most photos we have taken ourselves and they show the establishment as you will find them upon arrival. We try to give you an honest impression of how the places are in real life.

What services and amenities does the establishment offer?
Consider your needs carefully for both the room and establishment when booking a hotel or hostal in Seville. Some amenities to consider for a room: private bathroom, air-conditioning, telephone, television, a safe for valuables and perhaps an internet connection. Some services to consider for the hotel or hostal: breakfast and/or restaurant, room service, parking, swimming pool, common areas such as patios and terraces. For each hotel or hostal we list amenities in the "Rooms" section. Services are located in the "Facilities and Services" section. In the "Prices" section you will find information on availability of breakfast and parking, and the respective prices if they are not included in the room rate. Please note that none of the hostals in our directory offer breakfast, while many hotels do.

Is the hotel or hostal CLEAN?
The cleanliness of a hotel or hostal is always an important factor when deciding on where to stay. We have carefully selected hotels and hostals which maintain a high standard for cleanliness. We visit each establishment regularly to stay informed of the current conditions of each hotel and hostal.

Will the room have a balcony or window to the street?
A window or balcony to the street is often desired by many guests. If this is important make sure the hotel or hostal offers rooms with windows or balconies. Because of the original architecture of older buildings in Seville, many establishments may have a limited amount of rooms with outside windows. To be honest, the old town of Seville is generally noisier than most North-American or Central European cities. Noise is mainly caused by car traffic or pedestrians on the smaller streets typical of the old city centre. In some hotels and hostals a window to the street will offer more light but more noise as well. Some criteria to consider: orientation of the bedroom towards the street or towards an interior courtyard, type and size of the street, residential neighborhood or a nightlife area with bars and restaurants... We recommend looking at the surroundings photos to get an idea of the area around the hotel. If a window, balcony or noise is an issue, please ask our opinion for any of the establishments or the surroundings.

In summer temperatures in Seville can rise to 45C (113F). The necessity for air-conditioning depends on the individual person. Most problematic is the difficulty to sleep well at night due to the heat. It is generally recommended to have air-conditioning in the months of July and August. Please note that late May, June and September can also have higher than normal temperatures. All of the hotels in our directory have air-conditioning. Hostal Atenas also has air-conditioning. The only exceptions are Hostal Lis I, Hostal Lis II and Hostal Generalife. which offer fans for their guests but do not have air-conditioning.

What is the total PRICE of the room?
Ask for an all inclusive price, including tax, before booking. Verify the cost of breakfast and parking ahead of time should you require these services. Because each establishment has their own calendar and rates we show orientative prices for the purpose of comparison on the main page. This is the prices for a double room during low season, not including 7% tax. We will always send a detailed price offer by email prior to the booking indicating the total cost for the room. In this email you will find a BOTTOM LINE PRICE for the requested hotel or hostal and dates of your stay. It is our belief that there should be no hidden charges or fees. If you have questions about additional services offered at the hotel or hostal please send us your queries in the "Comments" section of the form.

Always be aware of the cancellation policy before booking a room at a hotel or hostal. Make sure you know of the fee or charge for cancellation, the number of days notice you must provide to cancel without charge and any special procedures which must be followed to cancel your reservation. If you are booking during a holiday or special event be sure to know if there are any special conditions or terms for cancellations. In general, establishments will charge the rate of one night should you not cancel with enough notice or fail to appear. We indicate the cancellation policy for each establishment in the page specific to the hotel or hostal in the "Prices and Reservation" section. Please note each hotel and hostal may have different terms and conditions for cancellation. We recommend canceling your reservation by contacting the establishment directly, but we are always available should you need assistance.

Who is providing the SERVICE?
Always make a reservation with a reputable company or establishment. Insist on a safe and secure method of transmission for your personal and payment information. If electronic methods of communication should fail, be sure they offer telephone and fax numbers as well as a physical address. Also ensure the company knows the details and specifications of the accommodation. We make use of a secure server with SSL encryption to protect your data and provide a clear privacy statement so you understand how we safeguard your personal information. You will find our address, telephone and fax number on every page of our web site should you need to contact us directly. As well, we do not work with every hotel and hostal in Seville. Rather we work closely with a select group of establishments which we know very well. (You can also find more information about on the About us page.)

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