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La Noria - Seville's Ferris wheel

Seville, 18 April 2006

A ride on Seville's newest attraction, the Ferris wheel, located in the Prado de San Sebastian. A great way to get a view of the city and the Cathedral. The Ferris wheel is temporary, and sometime in July will be moved to another city.

The view as we enter the Prado de San Sebastian.

One of the many orange trees in the park, with the noria in the background.

In the center of the photo we see the VIP car, complete with LCD television, stereo and champagne. Today, however, we decide on the cheaper, standard car.

On a Tuesday afternoon there are no lines to enter.

We purchase tickets for two people, 8 Euros per person for a ride of approximately 12 minutes

One last look up before we board the Ferris wheel.

The doors are open, awaiting our entrance.

After a 30 second explanation of the car, we are on our way up!

Good to see that safety is a concern - buttons to talk to the operator, or shut down the air conditioning in case of emergency or fire. Luckily, we need none of these on our ride.

Our first view on the way up is the Plaza de España.

And now the Cathedral. While the weekday afternoon meant no wait, the timing also meant we had the sun shining in our eyes for some of the views.

Our "neighbors" in the car next to us.

At the top we take a glance all the way down. If you have a fear of heights, this may not be the ride for you.

The bridge, El Puente del V Centenario, in the distance.

On our second time around we see into the Plaza de España, a view we will likely never see again!

The view towards the old city center, with the Alamillo Bridge in the background.

We enjoyed our ride and learned the pros and cons of riding in the afternoon. There were no lines, so we had the car all to ourselves. However, it may be better to visit midday, when the sun is above you and the view is likely better. More information about the ride can be found at

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