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Feria de Abril 2007

Seville, 24 April 2007

Tuesday afternoon in a caseta at the Feria de Abril.

The location of the Feria de Abril is outside the center of Seville on the other side of the river. Each year the city administration organizes a special bus line from the Prado de San Sebastián to the Feria which runs very well. The queues for the busses can be long, but move fast.

We have received an invitation from Rocio of "Muebles Toro y Carmona", a local furniture shop. Here we are still searching for her caseta.

After eating the adults go to the bar in the second room for cubatas, or mixed drinks.

A view outside on the street.

It is getting dark and the lights have come on.

A moment of transition. The caseta is prepared for the evening's activities. Tables and chairs are moved towards the walls to make room for dancing Sevillianas.

The music starts with a typical Sevillanas song. In the background you can see the band. It seems as if they play the same song 20 times with variations only in the lyrics. Nobody minds: good musicians are scarce during Feria.

Even with the furniture moved the space is tight when the dancing begins.

Upon exiting we take a look at the portada of the Feria.

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