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Abacería Puerta Carmona

Seville, 23 April 2007

Sampling Antonio's famous montadito de pringá.

Abacería Puerta de Carmona, located on San Esteban street. The name is derived from the former gate of the city defensive walls which lead to the town of Carmona.

Antonio, the new owner of this bar, is a professional picador de toros. He learned his profession from his father and grandfather in the village of Sanlúcar la Mayor. His first traje de luces and saddle are on display in the window of the bar. He has just returned from Zaragoza, where he was working in the cuadrilla of Victor Puerto, on Sunday, April 22nd.

Antonio himself. Apart from his bullfighting skills he is also talented in the field of public relations. He is running a bar for the first time in his life and is doing very well with the business.

The food is on display in the glass case as well as advertised on boards along the wall.

Today we have chosen the montadito de pringá, a pork sandwich. The ingredients are specially prepared by his mother.

The preparation starts with cutting the bread in half.

Then Maria José puts the pringá in between and toasts it on the grill.

Lunch is served. ¡Que aproveche!

This tapa requires a glass of Sherry from Luis to rinse it down.

c/ San Esteban
(corner of calle Tintes and calle San Esteban)
41003 Sevilla

We recommend this bar not only for the food, but for the people who work there. If you want to chat with Antonio you should not go on the weekend. He is regularly out of town for bull-fighting on Saturday and Sunday.

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