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  Hiking in Cazalla
Seville, 5 February 2005

A day-trip to Cazalla de la Sierra in the Sierra Norte Mountains in the province of Sevilla. Organized by PEDAL Y AVENTURA, who specialize in outdoor activities for small groups.

Fernando of Pedal y Aventura is preparing the two Landrovers. In the background their shop and office in the Triana neighborhood of Seville.

Octavio closing the backdoor of the Landrover. At this moment we were still not aware of sitting just above the rear wheels. For the return journey we will change and choose one of the more comfortable front seats...

Smile! Eliane receiving a phone call from Switzerland.

Isabel making good conversation with the people in the second row.

After an hour long drive the conversation continues... We have arrived at El Pedroso, where we have breakfast.

Another 20 minute drive and we arrive at the Cazalla de la Sierra train station, which is far outside the village. Fernando is moving the food from the roof to the trunk of the car. The hiking tour begins!

The equipment varies between the members of our group: Eliane with sneakers while others appear ready for the Camino de Santiago ;)

"Private hunting area"... No, we are not afraid.

Ocatavio closing the gate. He is Mexican-American from San Francisco. Now married to his Spanish wife from Triana. He is walking behind the group to ensure nobody gets lost.

And up the slope of our first hill.

This winter has been very dry and there is little green grass left for grazing.

A short break just before entering the village of Cazalla de la Sierra.

The major landmark of Cazalla is the Santa María de Consolación church.

In the Plaza Mayor, just in front of the church.

In many Andalusian villages you can still find stork nests on church towers and other buildings. This one was flying very low above our group.

Down to the Huéznar river, on the camino viejo de la estación.

Steep slopes are easier on four feet.

No problem for Eliane, though. The Swiss Alps are still steeper.

Crossing the water from stone to stone.

A last jump and back on the trail.

Passing through a small forest of cork trees.

The fruit of this tree, the acorn, is the main diet of the cerdo iberico, which makes the highest quality jamón serrano. These black pigs are smaller than their common brothers, and pose no danger for us... (Now we know the reason for the gates.)

Finally reaching Isla Margarita, where the comida campestre will be served.

Chef Fernando cooking rice on a gas burner.

After walking 9 km we are very hungry and nobody seems to take notice of the camera...

Tastes very good! And finally the sun starts to shine. We enjoy our meal.

Preparing Pincho for the trip back. He must be clean before traveling "first-class" in a BMW.

The main activities of PEDAL Y AVENTURA are hiking, mountain bike tours, and 4-wheel-drive orientation. Scheduled every week-end for one day, and sometimes for several days. You can find the current program in their website.

att: Fernando Camacho
Calle Castilla, 139
41010 Sevilla
Tel/Fax: +34 954 331 775
Mobile: +34 676 451 094

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