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  Betis wins the Cup in Madrid
Seville, 15 June 2005

Jeff and family travel to Madrid to watch Real Betis play in the final of the Copa del Rey against Osasuna. The Copa Del Rey, or King´s Cup, is a year long football championship in which all teams from Spain´s first, second and third divisions participate.

The trip begins in Sevilla's Santa Justa train station, with a quick breakfast around 8:30.

We can win!

Queuing up for the AVE. This was a special charter train just for the Copa Del Rey (King's Cup) final. The train left at 9:15 in the morning and arrived back in Seville at 4:30 the next morning!

Arrival at Atocha station to a crowd of supporters as well as police to keep things orderly.

Posing for a photo and a little team spirit in Atocha. We have 9 hours before the game begins.

A statue in Atocha has been "decorated" in honor of Betis.

With plenty of time we visit the Palacio del Cristal in the Parque de Buen Retiro, not far from the Atocha station.

A few hours later I find a traditional Andalusian cerveceria, complete with Cruzcampo, the beer from Seville! My mind is on the game, and my vision a little blurry...

After lunch we start the long walk to Vicente Calderon Stadium. Along the way we stop in the Puerta del Sol, where Betis and Osasuna fans are celebrating together.

Further along in the Plaza Mayor, a large group of Betis fans has been here for several hours.

Continuing on we spot some interesting green "hair".

A good sign - thankfully we are not lost!

The team bus arrives to tens of thousands of supporters.

We were glad to have entered the stadium early - fans wait to get in as we enjoy the scene from above.

With the stadium filled, the match is about to begin.

Just a few more seconds: the crowd is anxious for the start.

After additional time Betis wins 2 - 1!

In a crowd of reporters and photographers Betis shows off the Cup to the crowd. A few minutes later we had to leave to catch our train. We arrived in Seville about 4:30 in the morning.

The following day we welcome the team at Santa Justa train station.

The team bus took 2 hours to cover just 2 km on it's way to the stadium.

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