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  Vela Santa Catalina
Seville, 17 July 2004


Around 9:30 we gathered to see the Virgen del Carmen leave from the Iglesia San Pedro. Normally it leaves from the Iglesia Santa Catalina, but it is undergoing much needed renovations.

We made our way to the velá for Santa Catalina. This is a neighborhood party set up in the plaza next to Santa Catalina Church with food, drinks and music for everyone.

At the velá: Ean, my nephew; Jan, my sister; and Angel, my brother-in-law. This is Ean's first trip to Sevilla!

We arrived after the band and watched children from the neighborhood dance instead.

Ean saw his first paso as the Virgen del Carmen returns later that evening.

Around 1am we head to El Rinconcillo, Sevilla's oldest bar founded in 1670. 1am isn't too late on this night, even for the smallest of children

We get another glimpse of the paso from the window of El Rinconcillo.

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