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  Javi's bar
Seville, 31 May 2004

Bar La Ojiva at the edge of calle San Esteban with calle Vidrio. This is "our" bar, at 50m from the office.

El tascero Javier with Nadine and Georgette from Amsterdam. They stay at GRAVINA apartment for several months.

"DJ" Thorsten from Freiburg, Germany. He stayed before at TINAJA 3 apartment. Now living with two other German friends in Vidrio street.

Fernando is the owner of ALAMEDA and PARADAS apartments.

Nuria is a Spanish teacher at CARPE DIEM school.

The bar from inside. Nothing special, except its owner...

In the background you can see bodega "Las Antiguas Piletas". Recommended for its tapas.

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