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Instructions for the Interactive Map


The map on our website is an integrated version of GOOGLE MAPS. The map itself and any updates, such as change of pedestrian areas, direction of one-way-streets, etc., is property of Google and its suppliers. Also the calculation of walking/driving directions and distances is done automatically by Google, which we cannot influence.

1. Basic features of Google Maps

There are two ways to get a closer view of the map. First, you can use the “+” and “-” controls at the top left corner of the map to zoom in. Second, you can double-click on any spot on the map to get a closer view of a specific area.
Map Views
Map - Satellite - Hybrid
There are three choices for viewing the map. “Map”: much like a normal paper road map, this shows the street and plaza names, and is the easiest format to read the city map. “Satellite”: This shows a photo map from a satellite, allowing you to see the geography of the city as well as natural landscaping. “Hybrid”: this shows mixed view, with the satellite photo as well as the street names.
Moving the displayed area
Dragging and Panning tool
There are two ways to move the map. First, you can click on any open area on the map, and drag the map in any direction to see more of the city. Second, you can use the arrow buttons (← → ↑ ↓) on the top left of the map to move in four different directions.

2. Displaying of Monuments, Apartments, Hotels, etc.

Display ALL icons
If you want to see ALL icons of a category CHECK the corresponding CHECKBOX. (E.g. to see the location of all the monuments in Seville, check the checkbox next to “Monuments”.) You can then CLICK any of the individual ICONS in the map for more information.
Show ONE location and its information window
If you want to see a specific location, select the name from the list in the DROP DOWN MENU from the appropriate category. (E.g.: If you want to locate Hotel Las Casas de la Juderia, select the hotel name from the menu to the right of the “Hotel” label). You can also CLICK any ICON which is already displayed in the map for more information.

3. Street search and directions

Search tool
Type in the address AS EXACT AS POSSIBLE. Be sure to INCLUDE the CITY NAME. E.g. if you are looking up Sierpes street, write "calle Sierpes, Sevilla" or "Sierpes street, Seville". It is very important to enter "Seville", if not, Google will search all of Spain.
When a location is selected you can calculate directions "To" and "From" this point. You can chose between "Walking" and "Driving". This is an important consideration as there are many one-way-streets in Seville. “Walking” will give you a much shorter distance. As mentioned above, type the address as exact as possible including the city name. The result is displayed as a line on the map, with turn by turn instructions on the left.

4. Neighborhoods

When you zoom in on the large map, a rectangle will appear in the smaller neighborhood map on the left. This rectangle indicates the overall location in the historic center of Seville. The neighborhoods of Seville are represented by different colors.

last update: 3 Jan 2009

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