FAQ - How to rent an apartment in Seville

Weve developed some general guidelines and advice to help you when renting an apartment in Seville. Below are some things you should take into careful consideration before you decide to rent.

Where is the apartment LOCATED?
Try to find an apartment within walking distance to the location where you have to go to every day. Seville is small enough to do without public transport.
sevilla5.com: In our description we mention the distance to El CORTE INGLES, which is a large department store at Plaza del Duque, and defines the geographical center of the old town of Seville. Another reference is the CATHEDRAL, which is located towards the southern edge of the old town where you can also find some of the most important tourist monuments.

How does the apartment REALLY look like?
Insist on recent PHOTOS of good quality which show every room of the exact apartment that you will move into. When you pay a deposit to make a reservation, consider it a rental contract. If you do not see the apartment with your own eyes it should be well defined with a detailed description, photos and its address to avoid an unpleasant surprise on arrival...
sevilla5.com: We try to present the accommodations as they are in real life. Most photos we have taken ourselves and they show the apartments as you will find it upon arrival. We try to give you an honest impression of how the places are in real life without fancy or overdone settings. Please find our apartments' descriptions on this page. Click on one of the names in the left column. For any additional information, use the "Comments" field on the "Availability and Price" form.

How is the apartment EQUIPPED?
Most important: no. of rooms, no. of beds, bed types, bed linen and towels. Bathroom. Kitchen.
The basics: fridge, oven/stove-top, microwave, dishes, kitchen utensils, washing-machine, iron, ironing-board, air conditioning/heating, television, sofa, etc.
Nice to have: Roof terrace, stereo, room service, etc.
sevilla5.com: ALL of our apartments have a private kitchen and bathroom. You can find the exact equipment details in the description of each apartment.

Is the apartment CLEAN?
The cleaning of an apartment is an important cost consideration for the owner. An apartment is larger than a hotel room and the logistics are more difficult than, eg., a hotel room. The cleaning of a one-bedroom-apartment can easily cost 20 Euros for general cleaning plus 15 Euros for washing of bed linen and towels.
sevilla5.com: We guarantee a high standard of cleanliness for all of our apartments. Before a new tenant moves in we always clean the bathroom, kitchen and rooms, including fresh bed linen and towels.

Is the apartment QUIET?
To be honest, the old town of Seville is generally noisier than most North-American or Central European cities. Noise is mainly caused by car traffic or pedestrians on the smaller streets typical of the old city centre. Some criteria to consider: orientation of the bedroom towards the street or towards an interior courtyard, type and size of the street, residential neighborhood or a nightlife area with bars and restaurants...
sevilla5.com: If noise is an issue, please ask our opinion for any of the apartments.

In summer temperatures in Seville can rise to 45C (113F). The necessity for air-conditioning depends on the individual person. Most problematic is the difficulty to sleep well at night due to the heat. If you have to work or study (as opposed to a leisure and vacation stay) you should opt for air-conditioning during the months of July and August.
sevilla5.com: Most of our apartments are equipped with air-conditioning. You can find this information in the apartment's description.

What is the total PRICE of the apartment?
Ask for an all inclusive price and take care of potential increments as there could be: booking fee, water/electricity, final cleaning, high season supplements, VAT tax, etc.
sevilla5.com: On our website the price you see is the price you pay! In any case, we will always send a detailed price offer by email prior to the booking. In this email you will find a BOTTOM LINE PRICE for the requested apartment and dates. It is our belief that there should be no hidden charges or fees.

Some important things to consider: Do you rent from the owner or through an intermediate, like an agency? Who receives the deposit and to whom will you pay the rent? Who will open the apartment on your arrival? In case of a problem, will a responsible person be available in Seville? Does this person/organization speak your language?
sevilla5.com: (You can find more information about sevilla5.com on the About us page.)

How can I rent LONG TERM for, let's say, one year?
For a long term let we recommend you make an advance reservation for 1-2 months, giving you time to look by yourself after arrival. There are mainly three sources to find long term accommodation: 1. newspapers 2. real estate agencies 3. signs on windows/balconies. The latter is very efficient if you have a preference for a certain neighborhood. Most private owners ask for a one month deposit and a one year minimum stay. It is common practice for rental contracts to automatically renew for the following year if the tenant does not cancel in time.
Our advise: If you need legal assistance to set up a rental contract with a Spanish landlord we can recommend a lawyer who will review the contract and advise about any potential shortcomings. The price is generally 30-50 Euros for this service. (Please note in the above that we are referring to rentals on the PRIVATE market, and NOT through sevilla5.com.)

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