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A visit to Real Club Pineda de Sevilla

Seville, 10 February 2005

We accompany Peter Schmid, a Swiss Golf player, to Real Club Pineda de Sevilla.

At 8:30 am we take a taxi from the hotel to Pineda Golf Club of Seville. The evening before we have made a reservation by telephone for 9 o'clock in the morning.

It is a 15 minute drive passing by the University, and later the Real Betis football stadium, along the Guadalquivir river.

We arrive at the entrance gate to Pineda Golf Club and are asked for our membership card. Peter Schmid has the membership card of the golf club Niederbüren, Switzerland, with him... Not accepted - we are asked to give our passports to the security guard.

Waiting for 5 minutes until the guard returns with our passports. We are not identifiable, because the person responsible for guests has not arrived yet. Finally we receive the directions on where to walk. For some reason we are not allowed to continue by taxi. As we walk we compare the reception at Pineda Golf Club to the friendliness of the passport control at the Swiss border (they have fame in Germany).

On the walk to the Pineda Golf clubhouse we pass by the horse stables which belong to the club.

The hipódromo of Seville, where horse races are held, is also owned by Real Club Pineda.

Finally we reach the reception. 78 Euros is the green fee. The credit card is not accepted so we pay in cash.

No further explanations given. We don't need a changing room as Peter is ready to go!

Peter is in a hurry and can't wait to get on the green.

Warming up on the practice putting green.

Just a couple of strokes hardly gives me the time to take some photos.

Tee no. 1.

Peter's first drive has been made.

As mentioned, Peter is in a hurry, and we don't want to bother a golfer's concentration with our camera.


Several days later, we receive an email from Peter, already being back in Switzerland:

"... The golf course of Club Pineda was in top condition and the weather was ideal. I was lucky to be able to start just before the following group of 4 people. Afterwards, one flight after the other went to tee no. 1. The golf course had plenty of players on this day. In the end I even found the real club house (with the official reception and friendly attention, as well as the restaurant and locker room). Our beginning was certainly unconventional, but efficient.

With our best wishes and regards,
Peter and Cordula Schmid."


Real Club Pineda de Sevilla
Avenida de Jerez s/n
41080 Sevilla
Tel: 34 954 611 400
Fax: 34 954 617 704

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