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Seville, 03 Oct 2004

League leader Valencia was in town to take on local team Real Betis Balompie on Sunday. Going to the home match is a bi-weekly ritual for some, including grabbing a quick bite to eat at a food stand, a little crowd watching, buying pipas (sunflower seeds), and taking in the game for a few hours. The final result: Betis 1, Valencia 1.

Food stands, found around the stadium, offer a quick meal and refreshments.

If you want to show some team spirit you can always find something at the stadium.

Jeff purchases some pipas, or sunflower seeds. This is the snack of choice during the game.

Lines at the ticket window, where you can purchase entrances to the match. Resellers are often nearby and will offer you tickets while in line.

Match time is close, and everyone heads into the stadium.

A section of the new stadium complete with the team crest.

The match begins a view from the north goal.

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