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Baños Arabes - Aire de Sevilla

Sevilla, 17 January 2005

We accompanied Eliane Schmid to the recently opened Baños Arabes in Sevilla. Eliane is a student from Skt. Gallen, Switzerland, and is doing an internship at The Baños Arabes are Arab style public baths in the center of Sevilla and a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day in the city.

Eliane entering to the reception of the Baños Arabes.

A small courtyard with a fountain marks the entrance of the complex.

Armando, the owner of Aire de Sevilla, and Ivana are waiting for us at the reception.

Waiting for the 2 o'clock group in the patio of the house.

It's our turn now!

Up the large stair to the first floor.

Picking up all the necessities for the baths: bathrobe and towel plus some interesting footwear...

A borrowed bathing suit can be provided, but is not required! Eliane came prepared with her own suit.

The changing room for women includes lockers to store your personal belongings, showers and more. We must wait outside for some minutes.

Silence please... we are getting ready to enter the facilities.

Together with Armando in the Sala de Relajación, where cold tea is served. This is generally the first step in a visit to the Baños Arabes in Sevilla, before entering the baths.

The warm bath Tepidarium. In the background you can see the hot bath Calidarium, and on the other side the cold bath Frigidarium. The different temperatures are all part of the experience in the Baños Arabes of Sevilla.

In the teahouse, or Teteria, after enjoying the baths. There is so much to do that Eliane will have to return. The appeal of the steam bath, Jacuzzi, and massage room will bring her back another day.

The tea house consists of two sitting rooms, one with windows onto a street in Santa Cruz and another just off the main courtyard. The different colors of the ceilings in one of the sitting rooms are eye-catching...

The room just off the courtyard has a Moroccan style, wood-carved ceiling. Eliane chooses to enjoy her traditional mint tea in this room.

The end of our visit: roof top with beautiful views of the Cathedral.
With our best recommendations.

C/ Aire, 15
41004 Sevilla
Tel 34 955 010 026

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