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Semana Santa

Seville, 22 March 2005

Watching the San Benito procession on Martes Santo (Tuesday night of the Easter week) in front of Javi's bar in San Esteban street.

A penitente wearing his túnica of white cotton and purple velvet.

Some of walk barefoot for the entire route.

The penitentes, who carry a cross, do not wear the rigid hat with carton inlay.

The San Benito procession consists of three floats, or pasos. The first one showing the presentation of Jesus to Pilate. (Most processions carry only two pasos.)

An off-duty costalero. The processions generally need several shifts of people to carry the floats, depending on the distance of the parish church to the Cathedral, where all processions pass.

The proud father of this penitente is a member of San Esteban brotherhood, who wear the white and blue túnicas.

Each float is accompanied by its banda de música, usually contracted by the brotherhoods. Many of them are playing every day with a different procession.

Drums and horns are the characteristic instruments of Semana Santa.

The float with the Christ.

Nazarenos come before each float. The number of nazarenos for each procession ranges from perhaps 400 up to 2,500, depending on the cofradia, or brotherhood.

Children compete to make the largest ball of wax from the candles of the nazarenos.

The man behind the procession with the replacement candles.

The Virgin's float is approaching. San Esteban church in the background.

Decoration of white lilies and the palio, an embroidered cloth cover on the float.

The Virgin's float is also commonly called el palio, because of the cloth "roof" over the float.

Scenery outside Javi's bar, after the procession.

Semana Santa is big business for all the bars and restaurants in Seville. Javi has hired Miguel and Valentine as additional staff for the Easter week.

San Esteban street full of people at 3 am.

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