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El Rocío 2007

Seville, 27 May 2007

sevilla5 @ Rocío - One day in another world.

We are getting into our "goldy" car in the avenida luis montoto, next to the remains of the former aqueduct.

First, it seems like we would not even get out of Seville - Anne and Dave make the car ready for the trip.

After one hour - we are suddenly in another world. No more cars and highways - just horses, sandy paths and houses in "wild west style".

We are entering in the town which is only filled with life during the Rocio pilgrim days.

Traditional dress for El Rocio.

David starts to get in touch with the locals. And so we get to know Angel, the finance minister of the Brotherhood of Palma de Mallorca. There are 105 brotherhoods taking part in the most famous pilgrim of Andalucia.

That is the church where the virgin Rocio has her place.

Hundreds of years ago she appeared over the lake next to the church.

Everyone, young and old, tall and small followed the way even during days to the Rocio.

In the sunny sunday afternoon, everybody is singing, dancing, and visiting his friends in the different brotherhood houses.

Even the restaurants and bars seem to exist only in these few days - and then the city closes for another year.

Awaiting the tow truck.

Rush hour at 4 pm towards Rocio.

At 2 a.m. the virgin will be carried out of the church to have her triumph like every year. Unfortunately we have to leave before - David is going on a Tapas Tour tonight.

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