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Plaza Nueva Reopens for Christmas

Seville, 8 December 2006

For most of summer and autumn the Plaza Nueva was undergoing works to create a pedestrian only square and include the new rails for the metro system. The plaza and parts of Avenida Constitución were just reopened in time for the holidays. With what seemed like almost everyone else in Seville, Jeff took a stroll through the newly renovated plaza a few days after the reopening.

A view of the plaza with the Ayuntamiento in the background.

The reopening also featured a traveling exhibit of sculptures, sponsored by La Caixa, a Spanish bank. In the background is Hotel Inglaterra.

The statue of Rey San Fernando was of course preserved during the works.

The Ayuntamiento, or town hall.

The rails for the above ground portion of the metro are already in place. This will be the last stop along this portion of the line.

A small Christmas tree is featured in front of the town hall.

View towards Calle Sierpes, one of the main pedestrian shopping streets in the center city.

After 20 minutes in the Plaza we were anxious to see Avenida Constitución. First a stop to see where all of the smoke is coming from.

Fire roasted chestnuts, or castañas! These can be found on just about every street corner of the center during the holidays.

Here we have a good view of the two metro lines. The Banco de España is on the left.

Another view down the avenue: this was once a very busy street with car traffic. The finished portion of the work has reached the corner of the Cathedral.

On the other side of the Ayuntamiento in Plaza San Francisco we find the Feria de Belén. This market features figures and scenery dedicated to making nativity scenes.

One of the stands in the market.

Many figures in the background, with incense burners and small clay pots in front.

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