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La Feria de Abril

Seville, 25 March 2005

The Feria de Abril falls just two weeks after Semana Santa. Its just enough time between the two to rest and recuperate. We decided to make our visit for the "alumbrao". Monday around midnight is when the gate to the Feria is lit up and the festivities begin.

As much as we tried to arrive on time we found ourselves at the entrance just after the puerta, or gate, was lit up.

First thing was a stroll to check out all of the casetas and lights along the streets of the Feria.

Plenty of socializing outside the tents, while inside its dancing Sevillianas. We kept an eye out for the public tents. The best way to tell what is private and what is public is by looking for a security guard outside.

Tired of looking for a public tent, we decided to ask a security guard if we could enter in this tent, sponsored by the brotherhood of Los Javieres, a local church.

As you can see we were lucky enough to get in, even if we said it was just to use the bathroom. After a few pitchers of rebujitos, which is fino mixed with Sprite, we decided to make our way to the rest of the fair. The security guard was suprised to see us leaving over an hour later.

The other side of Feria, away from the tents, Sevillanas and drinking, is the Calle de Infierno, or Street of Hell! Here we found all sorts of carnival games and rides. To the right is the game where I won a small stuffed animal.

After the rebujitos none of us felt like riding this one. We were happy just to take photos of the people.

Along the edge of the Calle de Infierno we found all of the bars and restaurants. You can choose from just about anything: fish, meats, sandwiches and more.

We passed on the food at the Feria and waited until 3:30 in the morning for churros y chocolate. We stopped at the famous Chocolateria Virgen de Lujan, just outside of the Feria in Los Remedios. It seems every late night event in Seville ends with chocolate y churros...

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