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Corpus Christi

Seville, 10 June 2004

The clean up begins immediately after the procession, with perhaps tons of romero needing removal from the streets.

Waiting for the procession to cross near the Plaza del Salvador. Seats are much easier to come by than for Semana Santa, as you can show up an hour early and buy a seat for a few euros.

An image of a saint passes by the main altar in Plaza San Francisco, perhaps the most popular place to see the procession.

One of the many balconies decorated for Corpus. We spent the morning making our way through Sierpes, Cuna and other streets in the shopping district to get a glimpse of some of the best balconies.

Churros are perhaps the most popular breakfast after Corpus. As you can see they go fast!

In the end we settled for a breakfast of tostada with serrano ham and a coffee in a bar close to Avda Constitucion.

Long lines form at just about any place serving churros. This particular churreria is famous for providing churros for the King when he stays at the Alcazar.

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