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Escape from Corpus Cristi 2007

Seville, 8 June 2007


Calle Sierpes is covered with romero. We will watch the Corpus Cristi procession from our office window on the first floor. (The small window without decoration, which you can see to the right.)

A view of calle Sierpes a few minutes before the procession.

Members of a brotherhood passing with candles.

The first float, which shows Santa Justa and Santa Rufina, patron saints of the city.

Looks like a Chinese umbrella...

The second float.

The third float looks very much the same...

David is getting impatient and wants to leave for breakfast.

The fourth float shows San Fernando, patron saint of Seville.

We pass by Plaza del Salvador. This is the second largest church in Seville, and currently undergoing renovations.

Having a late breakfast with David at 11:30.

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