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Semana Santa 2006

Seville, 13 April 2006

Jeff provides us with some images from the first four days of Semana Santa 2006. He is working on a project which involves seeing every procession. Started in 2002, it will likely take until 2007 to finish documenting each procession.

A paso from Santa Genoveva, between Parque Maria Luisa and the Palacio San Telmo.

Penitentes carry crosses behind the paso, or float.

The float of the Virgin Mary crosses the avenue. We see Seville's newest attraction, the Ferris wheel, in the background.

A close view of the detailed embroidery work carried with the procession.

A nazareno stops to chat with a friend before moving on.

In Triana we witness a saeta, where the float stops and the crowd grows quiet to hear singing dedicated to the paso of San Gonzalo.

The saeta is over, and the procession can move forward.

San Gonzalo crosses the Triana bridge, on it's way to the official procession route and Cathedral.

In the Plaza de San Leandro we come across the return part of the procession known as El Beso de Judas.

The following day we start in the Alfalfa with La Candelaria, as it arrives from the San Nicolas church in Santa Cruz.

Next stop is Plaza Nueva, where we find the procession Los Estudiantes.

Policemen in their formal attire, await the arrival of the first procession in Plaza San Francisco.

Back to Plaza Salvador by chance we find San Bernardo passing in front of the church.

Later in the evening on Calle Trajano, a close up of one of the images of El Buen Fin.

As the float stops there is time to consider the little details.

A few blocks away in the Alameda de Hercules is La Lanzada.

A closer view of the bottom part of the float.

Later in the evening in the Plaza de Museo we waited an hour to see Siete Palabras. It's been a tiring 3 days. Hopefully after 2007 and 5 years, we will have seen every procession.

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