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Bus Tour Seville

Seville, 1 February 2005

A Wednesday morning bus tour of Seville.

Our meeting point is the Torre del Oro at the Guadalquivir river of Seville, at 11 o'clock in the morning. Virginia, who works in the Commercial Department of Citysightseeing Spain, is waiting for us.

You can see our bus parked next to the river walk. The bus tours are scheduled every 30 to 45 minutes.

Alessandro, our bus driver from Cattania, Italy. He came to live and work in Seville six years ago.

Ticket sales are made directly at the main bus stop at the Torre del Oro. You can also purchase tickets at many locations around the city.

Eliane has chosen to take the stairs to the upper deck, generally the most popular seating area to get the best view.

Nothing but blue sky above.

A headset for the audio portion of the tour is included. What will Eliane choose? German, Spanish or English? There are several other languages as well.

Alessandro is starting the engines. The tour begins, so everyone must take a seat.

Passing the Torre del Oro, which is currently undergoing some renovations.

Alessandro speeding through the red lights at the Palacio de San Telmo. Just a joke, Alessandro drove carefully, even slowing down at some of the best sights so we had time to snap a photo or two.

Passing the University of Seville, which was formerly the tobacco factory, where Merimee's Carmen rolled cigars.

Next to the "competition" at a stop at the traffic light: There are two tourist bus companies in Seville, commonly called the "red ones" and the "green ones".

Passing the Pabellón de Uruguay on Paseo de las Delicias. This pavilion was part of the 1929 Expo, and like many of the buildings for this exposition now serves another purpose.

The Plaza de España, the second location of the Carmen opera, to our right.

And back to the University of Seville.

Passing the Jardines de Murillo with the walls of the Alcazar in the background.

La muralla (former city wall) with the Macarena gate.

The Barqueta bridge in front of us. This is the entrance to La Cartuja peninsula, of the world exposition, or Expo '92.

View of the Puente del Alamillo, which is another bridge constructed for the Expo in 1992.

Roller coaster of Isla Mágica theme park on Cartuja peninsula.

And back to where we started our tour: the Real Maestranza bullring. Also the last of the three opera locations. The curtain is closing...

We recommend this tour during your first days in Seville. You will see major landmarks, get a rough orientation and sense for distances. The complete tour takes 1,5 hours. You may leave the bus, and later continue, on three bus stops. The ticket is valid for 24 hours so you can use it on two consecutive days.

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C/ Jaen nº 2 -1ª Planta
41001 Sevilla

Tel. 34 954 502 099

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