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Teatro Maestranza Sevilla

Sevilla, 5 November 2006

Dress rehearsal for opera "Der Ferne Klang" in Teatro Maestranza.

View of the Maestranza theatre from across the avenue.

We have been invited for the dress reharsal of the opera "Der Ferne Klang" from the Austrian composer Franz Schreker. This is a production of the Opera of Berlin. Some of the singers have rented apartments from us for their stay in Seville.

At 8 pm the front door of the Maestranza opera is still closed. Perhaps we have arrived too early.

We have to pick up our tickets at the artist's entrance, which is on the right side of the theatre. In the background you can see the Hospital de la Caridad and just behind that a glimpse of the Giralda tower.

Sneaking a look through one of the windows, we find one of the actors in make-up before the show.

Back to the main entrance where the doors are still closed, but now more people are waiting.

The doors open at 20:15 and we make our way into the lobby.

Inside we find a model of the of the Maestranza theatre.

Cameras are forbidden once inside the theatre, and we are asked to put ours away. The only photo we can take is the large lamp above the seats.

We enjoyed the performance very much. Back on the street, where one can't miss the opera's advertisments, hanging every 50 metres on the light posts.

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