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Samba music parade in Sevilla

Seville, 13 February 2005

A street parade, featuring BATUCA TÚ samba group, from Plaza del Pelícano to Alameda de Hercules. They participate in a competition for the Carnival of Alameda de Hercules neighborhood.

Starting from Plaza del Pelícano, where the group has its studio.

View from a balcony in Fray Diego de Cádiz street.

The girls in the front line with agogos.

Charly is a singer from Bahía (Brazil).

Lili is the Contra Mestre of the group.

Drums go in the middle of the field: The big boys.

The little boys.

The bad boys.

A Capoeira performance upon arriving in the Alameda de Hercules.

BATUCA TÚ won this year's first prize in the "street promenade" category.

Ricardo Mateus is the Mestre (instructor) of the group. They practice twice per week in their school at Plaza del Pelícano. Anybody interested in percussion can join every Monday and Wednesday from 8:30-10:30 pm.

att: Ricardo Mateus
Plaza del Pelícano 4, local 20
41000 Sevilla
Tel: ( 34) 954 415 586 / 615 479 559

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