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Tapas in El Arenal neigborhood

Sevilla, 20 August 2005

A night out for tapas in the Arenal Quarter. Arenal is the neighborhood located between the Cathedral and the river.

Freiduría El Arenal in Arfe street, where you can buy fried fish for take-away, or eat outside at one of the tables.

Bar E. Morales on García de Vinuesa street, about 100 metres from the Cathedral. This peculiar and historic bar, is divided into two parts. Each with a separate entrance from the street.

This part looks as if it was originally been a grocery store.

The other part connected by an arch, but only for the staff. Decorated with huge tinajas, which are containers formerly used to store cereals and liquids, made out of clay.

We order Anchoas reales and Morcilla de higado. All to be washed down with cold beer and fino.

On the way down to the river we pass by the Maestranza bull ring.

Paseo Marqués de Contadero, along the river, with the Torre del Oro at the end.

The view opposite is of the Triana bridge, where are next destination is.

Bar Capote is just by the bridge. A nice place where you can sit outside and enjoy a drink.

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