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Tam Tam Percusión percussion

Seville, 7 November 2005

A visit to the Tam Tam Percusión shop in calle Jesús del Gran Poder, Sevilla. Tam Tam is one of the largest percussion shops in Spain, with over 5000 products in stock.

Shop owner José is welcoming us.

Tam Tam receives orders from all over Spain, which keeps José busy on the telephone when not attending walk-in customers.

The choice of instruments is amazing. Several meters of shelf space is dedicated to each type of product.

This looks like a selection of pencils in a paper shop. Of course it is just a wide variety of drum sticks.

The Spanish word for cymbals, platos, is the same as the word for plate...

Congas, drums and Cajones. The Duende brand, which you can see in the photo, is produced in Seville. Prices start around 60 Euros, which puts it into the "souvenir" range for non-musicians.

This instrument, the Cajón, originally comes from the Flamenco world, but is now also used in other styles of music. José is giving us a demonstration.

Tam Tam is not specialized in Flamenco. However, they offer a large choice of percussion instruments used in Flamenco, many of which are commonly used in other music styles. In the photo you can see Castañuelos de Orchesta, which are played on a table rather than in the hands.

The "Hall of Fame" of Tam Tam, showing José and staff with famous percussionists such as José Carrasco, a Flamenco musician who currently accompanies Tomatito, former guitarist of Camarón. Also seen is Raúl, a percussionist at the Compañía del Ballet Nacional de España.

c/ Jesús del Gran Poder, 68
41002 Sevilla
Tel: ( 34) 954 90 72 26

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