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Tablao Flamenco: El Patio Sevillano

Seville, 8 February 2005

A visit to a traditional flamenco show at El Patio Sevillano.

Tablao El Patio Sevillano on Avenida Cristóbal Colon, next to the Maestranza bullring. This was the first tablao in Seville, and which was founded in the 1950's. It was formerly located in the Plaza del Duque.

Ruth welcomed us outside, and introduced us to some of the staff.

We get a tour of the facilities, including the restaurant where many choose to have a meal before the show. In the summer months the restaurant also holds performances.

Here we are in the main venue for the performances, before the lights go out and the singing and dancing begin! We choose the early show - there are two every night, with more in the spring and summer.

The rhythmic tapping of a dancers feet.

One of the first performers, accompanied by two guitar players a singer. There are several acts which are part of the hour and a half long show. Each night is a little different, with new songs and routines to keep the performances fresh.

One of the acts had a traditional Carmen theme, complete with a cape for bullfights. El Patio Sevillano is located just next door to the Maestranza bullring.

The movement is often too quick to catch with a camera.

In this portion of the show each couple took center stage.

The dresses accentuate the fluid movements of the dancers.

Another act as the performance continues. Aside from the traditional flamenco there are regional dances and music from around Spain.

Afterwards we meet with Ana, one of the performers, to talk a little about flamenco. We learn about the various levels of dancers and how they make their way to the professional circuit. Also, some history and information on the most important region for flamenco: western Andalucia!

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