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Flamenco at the Pila del Pato

Sevilla, 27 July 2005

Every Wednesday night there is flamenco in the Plaza de San Leandro, which starts around 10 pm. We saw the last performance before the summer break. The performances will begin again on September 7th.

The walls of the Monasterio de San Leandro show the name of the plaza.

There is a fountain in the plaza, which is commonly called La Pila del Pato. Locals have adopted this name and commonly refer to the entire plaza as La Pila del Pato.

Another view of the pato (duck).

In the background we see people waiting for the show to begin.

The flamenco performance, which takes place every Wednesday night, is organized by bar Casa Manué.

The second name, Taberna Pata Negra, describes the main offering: cured ham from Iberian pigs with the distinct black hoves (pata negra)...

10:30 pm and the audience is still improvised show often comes with an "improvised" start time

The show begins. Tonight the singer is perhaps not the best, but he does a good job entertaining the audience.

Being a public square, there is no cover charge to see the show. But Manué charges double the price for the drinks.

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