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MAT Guitar & Bass

Seville, 7 November 2005

A visit to guitar shop MAT Guitar & Bass in Seville.

Guitar shop MAT Guitar & Bass in calle Jesús del Gran Poder. MAT Guitar & Bass is the only shop in Seville which specializes in guitars, bass and accessories. They do not sell other instruments.

Shop owners Belén and José Falcón can attend you in Spanish or English.

A wide selection of models: classical, acoustic and electric guitars are all on display

Flamenco guitars are available in stock, but it is also possible to special order other models.

There is a variety of classical guitars, covering a range of sizes and prices.

The store also has one of the best selections of American and Japanese guitars at good prices.

MAT Guitar & Bass offers excellent customer service and the owners are always happy to offer advice.

c/ Jesus del Gran Poder, 37
41002 Sevilla
Tel: 954 902 550

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Telephone: ( 34) 954 387 550  ·  C/ Feria, 80  ·  41002 Sevilla
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