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Flamenco Museum Seville

17 July 2007

Visit to the Flamenco Museum of Seville.

The Flamenco Museum of Seville is located in a typical Sevillian Palace. A unique central patio invites visitors to sit down for a drink, and is also the stage for the museum's events.

The building's conversion into a museum is very modern, though, and contrasting with the old substance.

The museum's administration offices are on the 3rd floor. We are on the way to meet with the director Dr. Kurt Grötsch.

Kurt explains the private character of the museum, which is unique in Seville, and also for most other cities. The family of Cristina Hoyos, who is a famous contemporary flamenco dancer and choreographer, is the owner.

We take the elevator down to the first floor to enter the exhibition.

The exhibition of the Flamenco Museum starts with a multimedia presentation, using video and sound.

In a cronological order, the visitor is guided from the beginnings of Flamenco in Spain to the most contemporary developments. We learn, that today, Flamenco is an art form of its own, far from mere folcloristic cliches.

Visitors can select from 8 available languages of the presentation.

At the end of the tour, original costumes and footwear of some famous artists of the 20th century are on display.

A photo gallery of artists representing different styles and ages.

The entrance to the mueum's own Flamenco School, on the ground floor.

The teacher and students are practicing a dance choreography.

Our guided tour ends one floor below ground level: The Flamenco Museum is located in one of the few houses in Seville, which has a cellar. The area of Alfalfa square is one of the highest points in Seville and therefore less moisture from ground water...

The reception desk and adjoint museum store: Here we say good-bye to Kurt Grötsch. He has been a wonderful guide through the museum, and we have learnt much about Flamenco. We can highly recommend the Flamenco Museum to any visitor who comes to Seville.

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