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Casa Carmen Arte Flamenco

Seville, 16 June 2005

A visit to a traditional flamenco show at Casa Carmen Arte Flamenco. This is a small venue which has recently opened in Seville in the Arenal quarter. Offering a one hour show of professional flamenco, Casa Carmen performances change daily.

Guests begin to queue up at Casa Carmen.

Jeff and Granada arrive early for the 8:30 show. All performances are 12 Euros per person.

Ordering a drink before the show starts. When not offering flamenco shows, Casa Carmen is a popular bar later in the evenings. The bar, Nu Yor, is known for it's mojitos, as well as live Cuban music and salsa on the weekends.

The bar reaches the ceiling in the 19th century house.

There is very limited seating, as you can see. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance or show up early. The limited seating also means a you are closer to the stage and the performers.

Katerine prepares us for the show. We learn who will be performing, what type of flamenco will be featured (cante jondo and bulerias for this occasion), and that taking photos is limited to the last 15 minutes of the performance. We were allowed to take photos during the entire show, although we did not use a flash.

Singer Emilio Cabello, accompanied by guitar player Mariano Campallo, begins with a performance of cante jondo. This is a typical style of singing, and it warms up the crowd before the dancing begins.

Inma Luna deep in thought before her performance. We also saw her perform at El Patio Sevillano, a tablao close to the river.

Clapping, or palmas, and footwork.

Concentrating on the rhythm.

Afterwards we spoke with Carmen, who operates the locale.

The idea of Casa Carmen came about as an alternative to the tablaos, something Carmen felt was missing in Seville. She tells us she will soon be dancing here as well!.

C/ Marqués de Parada, 30
41001 Sevilla
Tel: ( 34) 954 212 889

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