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Casa Anselma

Seville, 28 October 2005

A visit to bar Casa Anselma in c/Pages del Corro 49, Triana, to enjoy a little flamenco.

Casa Anselma is one of the few bars which does not need a sign over the entrance to attract customers. Make sure to write down the exact address and don't come before 11 pm, as the shutters may still be down.

Inside, the crowd is anxious for things to start.

Sensing the crowd's feeling, the musicians are also ready to begin.

However, Anselma, the owner of the bar has spotted visitors without a drink.

Anselma doing the rounds towards the entrance, encouraging the guests to buy a drink at the bar. The entrance is without cover charge, and we understand that the musicians have to be paid.

Anselma's presence can be felt throughout the bar. Even without seeing her you know that she is close by. It is best to get your drink when you enter!

Already on her way back towards the stage. Looks like the mission has been fruitful.

The music starts to play.

First a round of Sevillanas.

The second couple.

The spectators seem to follow every movement.

The atmosphere is heating up. Anselma enters the stage.

These two women are standing on their chairs to get a better view.

The show ends with Anselma's traditional Ave Maria. With the crowd it gets quite hot inside. We leave to fresh air and open sky.

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