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Sangria on the terrace

Seville, 3 June 2005

Sangria on the roof terrace of Insula Sevilla Spanish school.

The students chilling out on the roof terrace after class. The party started late afternoon when it's cooler on the roof.

This bucket contained several liters of sangrķa, typically made with wine, brandy, juice and fruit cut into small pieces.

Carmen, the director of Insula Sevilla school.

Most students in the photos are from Italy, currently studying at Insula Sevilla school on the European Leonardo scholarship.

Carmen with Yolanda, who organized the get-together as a cultural event.

The sangrķa party is scheduled once per month, where students and professors can mingle outside of the classroom in a relaxed social atmosphere.

Paola Broccio flirting with the photographer.

Angelo Pattavina at the guitar and Liliana Lombardo preparing lyrics.

Angelo considering some suggestions from the group.

Soon the party starts to get moving as the guitarist warms up.

After a few minutes of guitar playing the dancing begins!

Jonny, head of studies at Insula Sevilla, did an excellent job preparing the sangrķa. Steffi, the recepcionist of the school, arrived late from Flamenco class.

No party in Seville would be complete without dancing a little Sevillanas. Steffi and Yolanda show off for the students.

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