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MARTA, new receptionist at Insula

Seville, 6 September 2005

Marta just started to work at Insula Spanish school yesterday.

Marta with "Jonny" in the hall of Insula Sevilla school. (His proper name is José Antonio, the Academic Director of Insula.)

Marta has just started and still needs some clarification on a few items.

Concentrating… you can see she will learn very fast.

Still some problems with routing a telephone call upstairs to the Director's office, so Carmen makes a trip downstairs.

Carmen writes down a few notes.

Show me the button to press next time!

A student has arrived.

Tomorrow you will start with your class in time!

We follow up the stairs to Carmen's office.

View down to the first floor.

Marta has spotted the camera above her.

We enter the offices of the school's administration on the second floor.

We say goodbye to Carmen and let her continue with her busy day.

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