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A visit to the Museo del Mundo Marino in Matalascañas

Seville, 12 November 2005

In its five thematic rooms, the Museo del Mundo marino takes the visitor on a journey through the different ecosystems and ethnographical features that can be found along the coast of Doñana, from shifting dunes to unspoiled beaches with annual whale appearances.

As the museum opens at 3:30 pm we have time to first take a walk along the beach.

After lunch at one of the terraces on the main beach, we walk into the Dune park where the museum is located.

The entrance to the museum is about 650 m from the entrance to the park.

The reception of the the Museo del Mundo Marino, complete with lockers to securely store your belongings while visiting. Cameras are permitted.

The first room is dedicated to explaining how sand dunes support their own ecosystems. They reflect the permanent change of the Doñana area with their own fauna and flora.

The main focus of the Museo del Mundo Marino are the cetaceans which can be found along the coast of Doñana.

Included are 13 genuine cetacean skeletons.

Here our guide explains how the ultrasonic navigation of the cetaceans work.

The skeleton of a 20m fin whale.

This section of the museum looks at the great transatlantic voyages which used Huelva as their point of departure, and the different ship building techniques used to construct the vessels involved. On display is a 8 m long wooden sailboat.

Our guide explains traditional fishing methods as well as more modern solutions such as aquaculture.

The Museo del Mundo Marino is small, but interesting. In one hour we have hardly had the time to see everything. The winter schedule means the museum closes at 6 pm, and we have to leave.

Avda. de las Adelfas, s/n
Matalascañas - Almonte (Huelva)
Tel: 959 448 086

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