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Matalascañas beach

Seville, 6 November 2005

A walk through the dunes at Matalascañas.

The Centro de Acogida of the Parque Dunar is located at the entrance of the village of Matalascañas. There is also a tourist office and bus stop. (A bus from Seville Plaza de Armas station takes around an hour and a half.)

From the Centro de Agogida we go west to the Museo del Mundo Marítimo. Then south, up the dunes, and down to the beach between the camping and the Club Nautico. Along the beach to the east towards the village of Matalascañas, and then back north, on the Pasarela Diagonal. A tour of around 1-2 hours.

The harsh November sun hurts the eyes and as you can see the camera has problems with the contrast of sun and shadow. But we can't really complain, and must enjoy the warm autumn day.

Unfortunatelly the recently built Museo del Mundo Marítimo closes at 2 pm on Sundays, and we are too late.

A wood covered path leads up to the dunes.

View back to the museum.

On the way down to the beach.

On the southern part of the dune there is little vegetation, and the beach is exposed to the forces of erosion.

There are surprinsingly few people on the beach, even though it is warm enough to swim.

The beach is much cleaner than in the summer months.

We pass a chiringuito (beach bar). Above are the boats of the Club Nautico.

A view towards the village and main beach of Matalascañas, with large apartment buildings from the 70's.

Before reaching the village we turn left and enter the park again.

This time we cross the dunes on the wooden walkway, or Pasarela Diagonal, which leads straight to the tourist office.

A curious perspective at the height of the pine trees.

The end of the pasarela.

Back at the gate we end our day.

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