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Sunday afternoon in Aracena

Aracena, 10 October 2005

Traveling for a Sunday afternoon lunch is a common activity in Seville. With the beach weather coming to an end, Jeff and family decided to spend a rainy afternoon in the sierras around Aracena and nearby Jabugo for an afternoon.

The landscape is a change from Seville: hills, green trees and fog.

The visit starts with the Knight's Templar Church atop the hill overlooking the town.

The entrance to the church. Inside it was very dark - little natural light because of the cloudy day.

The Moorish castle is just above the church, and is now little more than a collection of old walls and towers.

From the same hill we can see the town below. Hiking up and around the hill has taken a lot of our energy. We must refuel in nearby Jabugo...

If you are visiting Aracena we can highly recommend a trip to the nearby town of Jabugo and lunch at Bodega Restaurante Jabugo (tel: 959 121 596). The specialty of this restaurant and the town in general is anything to do with pork: jamón, solomillo, secreto, presa and other cured meats. We sample a little of everything.

After a meal and coffee we return to Aracena. The center of the city is paved with these little stones.

I have eaten too much, and this dress does not seem to be a good fit...

Aracena is also famous for it's unique ceramics. Some stores are eve open on a Sunday afternoon.

Aracena's love of ceramics blends with the local delicacies.

A view of the castle above the town.

We have learned that you don't come home to mama empty handed. We pick up a surtido de pasteles (assorted pastries) from Confiteria Ruffino to bring home to family.

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