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Teatro Central Sevilla

Sevilla, 15 November 2005

"Otra Generación", part of the annual program "Flamenco viene del Sur", in Teatro Central.

The logo of Teatro Central.

Teatro Central is a new theatre, built on the Cartuja island on the western part of the riverside of Seville.

The architecture, as well as most of the performances, is of contemporary style. Generally more progressive than, eg., the in its size comparable Lope de Vega theatre.

Teatro Central has an annual Flamenco program called Flamenco viene del Sur with 12 performances in the 2005-06 schedule. We have chosen to see the first one, called Otra Generación by director José Miguel Évora, with singers Tremendita, Guillermo Cano and dancer Adela Campallo, accompanied by 3 guitar players and 2 percussionists.

We arrive 15 minutes before the show and the best seats are already occupied.

As people are taking their seats we see the professional photographers getting ready for the show.

Adela Campallo on stage performing Alegrías, a type of Flamenco.

Adela Campallo and singer Juan José Amador.

Adela Campallo performing a Taranto dance.

Guillermo Cano with dancer Juan Carlos Cardoso.

The end of the show. Artists from left to right: Juan Carlos Cardoso, Juan José Amador, Adela Campallo, Guillermo Cano, Rosario Guerrero "La Tremendita", Fco. Javier Patino, Miguel Ochando, Emilio Maya, Antonio Coronel, Sergio Martínez.

After the show we visit the bar of Teatro Central for a quick drink.

Time to leave. Unfortunately it's not a weekend and we have to work tomorrow...

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