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Nightlife in Santa Cruz neigborhood

Sevilla, 19 August 2005

The Santa Cruz quarter is full of narrow streets offering many typical bars and restaurants. While there are plenty of tourists, there are also plenty of locals who enjoy the night out in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Seville.

We start our tour in Plaza Santa Maria la Blanca. Mainly tourists eat dinner by candlelight in the large square.

Through Ximenez de Enciso street to Las Teresas, a traditional tapas bar. Next door is Entrecalles, a good bar for having a drink.

We turn right into Mateos Gago street where you can find many bars next to each other.

The first one to the left is Belmonte. During the day it is frequented by students of Giralda Center Spanish school having their morning coffee and toast.

Two more bars to choose from.

In summer time, people prefer to be seated outside on the street. During the colder months they often crowd inside for warmth.

Entering Alvaro Peregil where the very small bar is always packed as it offers the cheapest drinks in the neighborhood.

Further down Mateos Gago street we find Bodega Santa Cruz, popularly called Las Columnas, for its characteristic marble columns. This is a popular meeting point in Seville.

A bar for all ages...

Highly recommended for eating good, cheap tapas.

From outside bar Las Columnas you can also appreciate a nice view of La Giralda.

Bar Cervecerķa Giralda, another recommended place for tapas.

Working our way around the Cathedral to Alemanes street, we reach Flaherty's Irish pub, a bar frequented by foreigners, and locals that want to date with foreigners! Around the corner is Argote de Molina street, with even more places for copas and tapas.

The tables outside offer a nice view of the Cathedral.

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