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Antiques: EL JUEVES in calle Feria

Seville, 08 September 2005

EL JUEVES means Thursday, which is the day the antiques market Feria street takes place. Show up in the morning, as the vendors start to pack things up around 1pm. El Jueves is Seville’s oldest market, dating back centuries.

Feria street is closed for car traffic when the market is held.

A broad mixt of products is offered for sale on the street...




Lost and found. "Objetos perdidos. Al no encontrarse el dueño, los vendo."
(Lost objects. As the owner cannot be found, I am selling them.)

Door handles.


Fake antiques.



Agricultural utensils.

The full view...

Bar Vizcaino offers a good view of the market. You can enjoy a cool drink or a coffee at the bar as you watch all of the action.

This bar, El Ambigu, does not look very fashionable, but the cook is very good. Try one of the special tapas which are offered written on the chalkboard. They change every week and are highly recommended.

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