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Around Plaza Alfalfa

Sevilla, 30 July 2005

Nightlife in and around Plaza Alfalfa.

We start our tour at Plaza del Salvador, which is the square in front of Salvador church, the second largest church in Seville after the Cathedral.

The marble columns at bar La Antigua Bodeguita. This is a good bar to start the evening in, plenty of cold beer to drink in the plaza outside.

Inside the bar: wood panels, jamón and bottles of wine.

We go around Iglesia del Salvador, up the street Cuesta del Rosario and pass by Café/Bar Universal.

Reaching El Gran Tino at Plaza Alfalfa. This El Gran Tino and Bar Manolo, just opposite, are good places for tapas during the day or night.

Sebastián has seen us. He is one of waiters at bar El Gran Tino.

Taking the orders for drinks and tapas.

Very fast and friendly service, combined with Argentinean charm.

We recommend after dinner drinks on calle Perez Galdos, just off Plaza Alfalfa, with one of the highest concentration of bars in Seville.

The owner of the bar El Cabo Loco.

Shots, or chupitos and beers. Yes, this is a bar de copas.

After 40 emails and several tequilas.

What's there at the back of the bar? A very small person getting a drink.

Only a bottle of water, menos mal.

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