(8) University / Tobacco factory
c/ San Fernando, Sevilla.
  95 455 10 00.
  Mon-Fri 8:00-20:30.
  No Admission charge.
Photos:    Main Entrance

The Tobacco Factory of Seville was constructed between 1728 and 1771 by Sebastián Van der Bocht. Over the main entrance, the triangular facade ends in a statue of La Fama (fame).

The tobacco factory was then the largest industrial building in Spain. A monopoly assured high income, which is reflected in the factory's architecture and surrounding  Gardens. Its chapel and prison complement the main building.

In the interior you find impressive stairways, fountains and  Patios.

In 1953 the factory has been converted into the main building of Seville University.

Just behind the tobacco factory, the (9) María Luisa park borders the historic center of Seville to the south.

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