(14) Salvador
Plaza del Salvador, Sevilla.
  95 421 16 79.
  Mon-Sat 9:15-10:00 + 19:00-19:45; Sun 11:00-13:45 + 20:00-20:45.
  No Admission charge.
Photos:    View from Plaza del Salvador
 Patio de Abluciones
 View from Plaza del Pan

Salvador church is the second largest church of Seville after the Cathedral. Construction works begun in 1674 with architect Esteban García and finished in 1712 with Leonardo de Figueroa. It was based on the remains of the Mezquita Mayor, which was then the main mosque of Seville. From this Arabic building of the 9th century, still remain its Patio de Abluciones and the basement of its tower.

Enter the church through the main entrance at  Plaza del Salvador or from Cordoba street passing the  Patio de Abluciones.

The  Interior is in Sevillian Baroque style and richly decorated with sculptures and paintings of local artists:
- retablo mayor from 1770-1779 by Cayetano de Acosta
- painting of S. Cristóbal by Martínez Montañés from 1597
- sculpture of Cristo del Amor by Juan de Mesa from around 1618-1620
- sculpture of Jesús de la Pasión by Martínez Montañés from 1610-1615

Having visited Salvador church, go up Cordoba street and have a look from  Plaza del Pan at the backside of the building. You will find small shops curiously integrated in the wall of the church.

Then continue your way uphill, cross the Alfalfa square, and visit the most notable private palace of Seville: (15) Casa de Pilatos.

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