(20) Columnas de Hercules
Alameda de Hercules, Sevilla.
Photos:    Columnas de Hercules
 Flea market in Alameda street
 Roman columns in Marmoles street

In the 16th century, a former branch of the river Guadalquivir was dried, and on its grounds the tree-lined Alameda Promenade was built. An entrance of two marble columns was established, which proceeded from a nearby Roman temple of the 2nd century.

The Roman columns of the  Alameda de Hercules and of their original location in  Marmoles street are the oldest monuments in Seville.

Since 1754 the columns in the Alameda de Hercules carry the statues of Julius Cesar and Hercules, who, according to the legend, are the two founding fathers of Seville.

Every morning on Sundays, a curious  Flea Market with antiques and second-hand goods is taking place on the Alameda promenade.

Now let's see how the use of the next monument has changed over the centuries: (21) Cartuja monastery.

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