Barqueta bridge

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Locationc/ Torneo / Camino de Ribera, Seville (see map)

Barqueta bridge of Seville was constructed from 1989-1992 to provide access to the Expo '92 fair. It was designed by the engineers Juan J. Arenas and Marcos J. Pantaleón as a suspension bridge, which is supported by a single overhead beam. It spans 168 m.

Barqueta bridge

Barqueta bridge is today the Main Entrance to the Isla Magica theme park and Sevilla Tecnópolis technology park.

At the end of the Northern part of the Cartuja peninsula, the SE-30 motorway passes over Alamillo bridge.


The edge of the Macarena neighborhood, where the Avenida de Torneo meets Calle Resolana. The bridge connects the center with the Expo 92 grounds.

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