Alamillo bridge

LocationC/ Torneo, Seville (see map)

Alamillo bridge was constructed from 1989-1992 by architect Santiago Calatrava. The bridge has a single upward arm supporting its weight.
It is without any doubt one of the most outstanding buildings which were built in Seville for the Expo '92 fair.

Alamillo bridge

Leaving Seville on SE-30 highway

Alamillo park

Before returning to the center of Seville, you can take a rest north of Alamillo bridge, in the recently created Alamillo Park on the shore of one of its Artificial Lakes.

Artificial lake in Alamillo park

Still another building, which was constructed to improve the traffic infrastructure for the Expo fair, is Santa Justa train station.


At the end of the Avenida Torneo and junction of Highway SE-30.

See the monument on interactive map

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