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Hostal Lis I is situated in the Alfalfa neighborhood, just behind the Plaza Encarnación. The hostal offers free internet access on the one lobby computer. However, just around the corner on calle Zuñiga is a locutorio offering cheap rates for internet access and long distance phone calls.

Hidden away on calle Moreria, a small side street from calle Zuñiga, is the house where the painter Velazquez was born.

Around the corner we find Plaza Cristo de Burgos, recently renovated and offering plenty of shade. Just behind the trees on the left is Coloniales, a restaurant which offers very large tapas. Outdoor seating is hard to come by but it is well worth the wait.

On the opposite side of the Plaza across the street is the heladeria Rayas, well known for serving up the best ice cream in Sevilla.

We turn down calle Imagen and find Plaza de la Encarnación, the site of a Roman settlement and many excavations. Many of the city buses stop in the plaza, making the Hostal a convenient point for traveling to further parts of the city.

Just behind the excavations we arrive at the market where fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, and fish are on sale every day except Sunday. The market closes at 14:00.

A good place for breakfast or a coffee and pastry, Horno San Buenaventura is located in the same Plaza Alfalfa.

On another corner in Plaza Alfalfa is Bar Alfalfa, a good place for original tapas with an Italian twist.

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