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Hostal La Gloria is located in the heart of the shopping district in the center of Seville. Just around the corner from the hostal we find the last residence of Sevillian painter Jose Garcia y Ramos.

Calle San Eloy, a pedestrian shopping street in the middle of the commercial center of Seville, begins at the entrance of the hostal.

This restaurant (Jugopan San Eloy) serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is just a one minute walk from the hostal. It is known for economical prices and very large portions!

Turning the corner we leave calle San Eloy and find the Plaza de la Magdalena. Most days of the week there is a local market in the plaza selling leather bags, clothing and other items from Africa and Morocco.

El Corte Inglés, on the other side of Plaza Magdalena and just a few minutes from the hostal. There is a large supermarket on the bottom floor which is open from 10:00 to 22:00 hours.

We turn around in the direction of calle Rioja. Just to the right is a church: Iglesia Carmelitas Descalzas.

A view inside the church.

We arrive at the corner of calle Rioja and calle Tetuan in the middle of the shopping district.

Turning on calle Tetuan we take a right and find this old tile advertisement for Studebaker automobiles. Calle Tetuan and Calle Sierpes (a parallel street) are the most famous streets in the shopping district.

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